CDK DMS Dealers: Full Xtime Integration is Here

Take your service experience to the next level with a CDK DMS and Xtime integration.
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The days of double data entry are over—it’s time to make a change.

You can enjoy all the benefits of Xtime—including opening and editing a repair order—in a single system and with no need for double data entry. We have a full suite of integrated service lane solutions that optimize automotive service, and full integration with CDK DMS is now available. 

You Can't Survive on $15 Oil Changes

Time is money in your service department. That’s why successful dealerships use tools and processes to consistently, accurately, and quickly recommend services to a customer while the car is up on a lift. Once the car leaves the dealership, it’s hard to get the customer to return for additional work.

Administrative v. Revenue Generating Tools

Even a well-intentioned service department trained on best practices can lose focus when more time is spent within administrative tools like the DMS and less time using revenue generating tools such as Xtime’s automotive customer retention tool and vehicle inspection software.  When an employee must switch from suggesting additional recommendations to entering data within the DMS, the odds of the employee returning to customer facing tools can quickly decline.

It Adds Up

On average, when Engage is used, $12 in additional services are added.* Your current utilization could be leaving money on the table if you can’t finish checking a customer in without using the DMS, can’t create an RO, can’t add lines, and can’t generate hang tags. Just think, customers without additional services suggested could defect to the aftermarket for items your shop could have quickly completed like wiper blades, tires, and brakes. There is a good chance the aftermarket will get those repairs and your customer — for life. 

You've Already Invested

You and your service department have worked hard and invested time and money to create a world class service experience. In the shop, your techs may be wasting valuable time with double entry on every RO. That time could be better spent inspecting vehicles and making same-day service recommendations.

Consider This

If everything you did happened in one system, how much time would free up for your shop? How many additional walk-arounds and ASRs could you do in a day? In a month?

The Solution

You could have more time to recommend and sell and spend less time with double information entry with the Xtime and CDK integration. This may mean additional revenue per month by getting your team back to what they do best – servicing customers.  


Source: Xtime data analyzed December 2018 to November 2019 

Are you ready to make a change?