Service Pickup & Delivery

Drive Customer Retention with a Next-Level Service Experience

Take your service experience to the next level with Service Pickup and Delivery.
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Boost Service Revenue with Convenience for Your Customers.

89% of consumers surveyed found service pickup and delivery appealing because it saves them time.*

Implementing a valet pickup and drop-off program at your store can help you continue to drive service revenue, differentiate your store from the competition, and provide a convenient service experience for your customers. 

Service Pickup and Delivery elevates the fixed ops customer experience by delivering an automated and efficient concierge service booked directly through Xtime, which displays real-time availability of loaners and valets when a service appointment is booked.

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of vehicle owners who have used service pickup and delivery are likely to base their choice of service provider on its availability when they schedule again. 

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of vehicle owners who use service pickup and delivery opt to have more maintenance or repairs performed during their service visit. 

Source: 2020 Cox Automotive Study

What can Service Pickup and Delivery do for You?

Service Pickup and Delivery may be the right solution for you to keep moving forward:    

  • Evolve your business digitally to meet customer expectations and increase service department efficiency  
  • Attract and retain business for your service department with first-class treatment  
  • Maintain complete control by setting parameters on service areas, number per day, etc.

*Source: Future of Consumer Experience Research

How Does it Work?

You can offer a next-level service experience that allows consumers to book service appointments in Xtime Schedule and request at-home pickup and delivery of their vehicle — all from their phone. You or your customer can add vehicle pickup to service appointments booked within Xtime’s multi-channel scheduling solution. Xtime Schedule displays real-time availability of loaners and valets.   

 Once a service appointment is booked, the concierge and loaner reservation is automatically created and the customer receives a secure link to provide their payment, driver’s license, and insurance information. Service Pickup and Delivery handles the full workflow for the dealer, from scheduling concierge labor to messaging with the consumer. There is also a built-in ability to deliver digital loaner contracts for signature in real time.