Rideshare Powered by Lyft

Provide your customers a premium, streamlined service experience and reduce your transportation expenses through an integrated, on-demand ridesharing option powered by Lyft. 


Keep customers coming back with premium service experience that provides them convenient and familiar transportation options, powered by Lyft. 


Speed up the service process by managing the entire transaction from start to finish within Xtime  with no additional contracts, systems, setup or accounts. 


Improve the bottom line by reducing departmental expenses from shuttle services and loaner car fleet. 

Provide a Premium Customer Experience

Today’s service customers expect efficiency throughout the online and in-store experiences, so give your service department customers a rideshare transportation option that’s completely integrated into your service process. After check-in, the advisor can facilitate your customer’s ride directly through Xtime, giving your customers a fast, convenient ride to their destination and another reason to keep coming back to your dealership for service.

Xtime Schedule is required to be eligible for Rideshare.

Rideshares are paid for by the dealer on a per transaction basis (plus a nominal Xtime fee) with no additional monthly fees. All rides provided will be billed to the dealer monthly through standard Xtime invoicing.

Xtime will send detailed monthly summaries of rideshare activity. In Q1 2020, dealers will have the ability to view reporting from the Rideshare Dashboard, which includes rideshare activity including utilization, repair order number and dollar mount per ride.

In Q1 2020, dealers will have the option to set a hard and soft limit to the dollar amount per ride.

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